Welcome, Our 2016/17 Cohort! Freshmen Embrace a New Chapter of Life at SHEAC
Aug 26 | Fri

Rector and Vice Rector (Student Affairs) came to visit SHEAC on the freshmen move-in day.校長和學生事務副校長來看望大一新生到書院報到的情況。 St ...

We Are Ready! And You? SHEAC Student Leadership Program Prepares Resident Tutors, Resident Assistants and House Association Leaders for the New Academic Year
Aug 12 | Fri

College Master Prof. Iu Vai Pan kicked off the Student Leadership Program by speaking about the new College Crest and M ...

Freshmen Assimilate into New College Life through a Series of Stimulating Orientation Activities
Aug 28 | Fri

SHEAC College Master Prof. Iu Vai Pan hosted a welcome reception for freshmen to kick-off the orientation program in th ...

Visit by Dr. Ambrose So Shu Fai, Donor’s Representative — College Master’s Welcome Reception for Freshmen
Aug 25 | Mon

Dr. Ambrose So was invited to speak at the College Master's Welcome Reception for Freshmen蘇樹輝博士應邀於院長新生見面會上為新生致勉詞 On 19 ...

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