To foster communication among our college students and build up a stronger collegiate community, the College publishes publications on a periodic basis. A team of student volunteers are in charge of the major editorial work.

SHEAzine is the latest monthly student publication of the SHEAC House Association. Contents include interviews with key or new members of the College, introduction of new or popular student clubs, and news articles of recent HA events.

SHEAC Newsletter (formerly known as ‘EAC Post’, and then ‘EAC Newsletter’) was previously published on a quarterly basis. It helped to disseminate the latest news and events within the College, including feature interviews with honorable guests of the College.

A biannual magazine titled The Window had also been published over the first few years since the College’s establishment. It served as a channel for SHEAC members to share articles, photographs and other visual forms to express their ideas and opinions in and outside the College, be they on-campus or off-campus.

The official SHEAC website and the SHEAC Facebook Page are aimed at providing basic in

formation and event news about the College to reach the wider community, such as other members of UM, parents, prospective students, Macau society and beyond.