The House Association (HA) organises activities and gives students a major voice in the running of their College. Each member of the College is automatically part of the House Association. The HA is, therefore, along with the professional administration team of the College, extremely important in the establishment of a lively, varied and happy community which is rewarding for all student members.

The HA is the leading agency headed by three core leaders: a President and two Vice Presidents, all of whom are elected by students through an annual election. Any current College members in residence can be nominated for these important leadership positions.

The HA is also comprised of seven Working Groups (WGs), i.e. Arts and Culture, Society and Community Service, Sports and Health, Communication, Social Activity, External Affairs, and Internal Affairs (respectively headed by nominated chairs). In addition to its Chair(s), each WG involves other College members. Students can volunteer or be invited to be permanent members of a Working Group. Various college teams and interest groups aiming to cater for students’ diverse interests are meanwhile managed by the HA.

House Association (HA) President, Vice-Presidents, and Working Group Chairs:

NAME: Huang Rui, Roy 黃睿
POSITION: President
FACULTY: Education
MAJOR: Integrated Science Education
INTERESTS: Reading, Cooking, Singing, Play Football, Playing Musical Instruments
Hi! Welcome to SHEAC! I am Roy Huang, President of SHEAC House Association in 2021-2022. This is my third year at SHEAC, so nice to meet you! I hope to make friends with you and make progress together. SHEAC is a warm family for every EAC student. There are many exciting activities and plenty of opportunities to improve yourself. I am sure that you will have an extraordinary university life in this college! If you have any questions, please get in touch with me. I will try my best to help you!

NAME: Liu Yiding, Abby 劉一丁
Position: Vice President Faculty: Business Administration Major: Accounting Interest: Musicals, Board Games, TV Shows, and Daydreaming
Hello, welcome to SHEAC! I am Abby. Nice to meet you guys! This is my third year in SHEAC. SHEAC is more like a home or family rather than a simple place to live. There are numerous activities held every year in SHEAC, please feel free to join us and make more friends here. I love chatting with friends, watching musicals and TV Shows associated with puzzles and playing board games. Don’t be shy to come across me whether to play board games with me or to talk with me! We will try our best to make a better SHEAC! Welcome to join HA or attend our activities! Wish you fantastic days in SHEAC!

NAME: Lei Chi Sin, Daisy 李芷倩
POSITION: Vice-President
FACULTY: Business Administration
MAJOR: Accounting
INTERESTS: Chinese Dance, Running, Travelling, Participating in Various Associations
Helloooooo!! Here’s Daisy from Macau. I am one of the vice-presidents of 2021/22 HA. Also, I am a sophomore. I like to make new friends, eat, drink and be merry. Please feel free to call me to have fun together!!! In this year, my buddies and I will do our best to provide quality service and extraordinary life experiences to SHEACers. If you also want to be a member of HA, remember to pay attention to the recruitment in August. Hope to see youuuuuu soon~!!

NAME: Lei Ka Hou, Tony 李嘉豪
POSITION: Arts & Culture Working Group Chair
FACULTY: Science and Technology
MAJOR: Mathematics in Statistics and Data Science
Hi! Welcome to SHEAC! I’m Tony Lei, chair of the Arts & Culture Working Group. This is my second year in SHEAC. It is my pleasure to meet you guys here. For me, SHEAC is a sweet family where we could share our happiness and grow together. Also, lots of fantastic activities are waiting for you. May you have a wonderful and unforgettable college life in SHEAC!

NAME: Liao Rongzhi, Matt 廖榮志
POSITION: Communication Working Group Chair
FACULTY: Arts and Humanities
MAJOR: Chinese Language and Literature
INTERESTS: Photography, Reading, Music, Movies, Cats
Hello, I’m Matt, the Communication Working Group Chair. My hobby is taking pictures and reading books, if you are also interested in photography, come to join our group! Looking forward to your participation.

NAME: Sun Fansu, Flora 孫凡素
POSITION: Sports & Health Working Group Chair
FACULTY: Social Sciences
MAJOR: Communication
INTERESTS: Reading, Travelling, Exploring New Things
Hello, everyone. I’m Flora, the leader of Sports & Health Working Group. I am a year two student. I’m from Liaoning Province. Feel free to chat and hang out with me. Last year, I gained a lot of meaningful experience and made many friends in SHEAC. This year, I hope to make friends with you guys and make HA better and better together. Lastly, I wish everyone a wonderful SHEAC life!

NAME: Xiong Yuqian, Erica 熊昱茜
POSITION: Social Activity Working Group Chair
FACULTY: Social Sciences
MAJOR: Communication
INTERESTS: Traveling, Photography, Sports, Movies
Hello everyone, welcome to SHEAC home. I am Erica, the chair of the Social Activity Working Group (SA) this year. I am an optimistic and easy-going person who wants to bring joy and fun to others. For me, SHEAC is a warm and friendly family, which offers me many opportunities to grow up. Therefore, in the coming year, I also want to contribute to it. Hope we all can have a better me, better life in SHEAC.

NAME: Mak Weng Sam, Alice 麥穎深
POSITION: Society & Community Service Working Group
FACULTY: Education
MAJOR: Pre-Primary Education
INTERESTS: Singing, Running, Swimming
Hello everyone! Welcome to SHEAC. I am Alice Mak. I am the chairperson of the Society & Community Service Working Group. Last year, I was the chair of the External Affairs Working Group, and I learned a lot. This year’s new position is a new challenge for me. I will continue to pass warmth to everyone so that students can feel a sense of belonging to the college. I hope everyone has a wonderful college life.

NAME: Vong Hao Lam, Tiffany 黃巧淋
POSITION: Officer of Internal Affairs
FACULTY: Education
MAJOR: Pre-primary Education
INTERESTS: Photography, Basketball, Singing, Exercising
Hello everyone~ I am Tiffany. I come from Macau. I am a sophomore. I learnt a lot and made great friends in the previous year. And I will do my best for HA this year. If you guys have any problems or worries, just share them with me! Let’s enjoy our life in SHEAC! 🙂

NAME: Gao Junjie, Jay 高俊杰
POSITION: Officer of External Affairs
FACULTY: Science and Technology
MAJOR: Electromechanical Engineering
INTERESTS: Music, Sports
Hello everyone! I’m Jay, the chair of the external affairs working group this year. I am looking forward to getting along with you all. This year I will do my part to make your college life more meaningful. Wish you all a wonderful school year!

NAME: Lei Cheok I, Astor 李卓頤
POSITION: Officer of External Affairs
FACULTY: Arts and Humanities
MAJOR: Portuguese Studies
INTERESTS: Listening to Music, Singing, Dancing, Swimming, Trying New Things, Chilling, or Hanging Out with Friends or by Myself
Hello everyone, my name is Astor Lei! I’m the chairperson of the External Affairs Working Group this year and I am a sophomore majoring in Portuguese Studies. Last year I met many interesting and heartwarming people and events in SHEAC, which made my freshman year brilliant and substantial. Therefore, it is my turn to pass on the warmth this year! Please feel free to chat with me and hope that we all can have a wonderful and amazing year 😉