The House Association (HA) organises activities and gives students a major voice in the running of their College. Each member of the College is automatically part of the House Association. The HA is, therefore, along with the professional administration team of the College, extremely important in the establishment of a lively, varied and happy community which is rewarding for all student members.

The HA is the leading agency headed by three core leaders: a President and two Vice Presidents, all of whom are elected by students through an annual election. Any current College members in residence can be nominated for these important leadership positions.

The HA is also comprised of seven Working Groups (WGs), i.e. Arts and Culture, Society and Community Service, Sports and Health, Communication, Social Activity, External Affairs, and Internal Affairs (respectively headed by nominated chairs). In addition to its Chair(s), each WG involves other College members. Students can volunteer or be invited to be permanent members of a Working Group. Various college teams and interest groups aiming to cater for students’ diverse interests are meanwhile managed by the HA.

House Association (HA) President, Vice-Presidents, and Working Group Chairs:

NAME: LEI Cheok I, Astor 李卓頤
POSITION: President
FACULTY: Arts and Humanities
MAJOR: Portuguese Studies
INTERESTS: Music, Coffee, Swimming, Dancing, Challenging New Things
Hello everyone, welcome to SHEAC! This is my third year in SHEAC. With the experience of being the chair of the External Affairs Working Group last year, I improved and gained a lot of experience. SHEAC is a warm and cozy family, we could meet heart-warming people and join various events here. I hope that we will all have a fantastic year! Please feel free to chat with me 🙂

NAME: SUN Fansu, Flora 孫凡素
POSITION: Vice President
FACULTY: Social Sciences
MAJOR: Communication
INTERESTS: Reading, Shopping, Exploring Stores, Meeting New Friends, Doing New and Interesting Things
Helloooooo!! This year is my third year in HA. HA taught me a lot in the past two years and helped me make many friends. In the coming year, I hope to see you in HA and look forward to our meeting to create a better HA and college life together. If you have anything interesting, please remember to call me!

NAME: VONG Hao Lam, Tiffany 黃巧淋
POSITION: Vice President
FACULTY: Education
MAJOR: Pre-Primary Education
INTERESTS: Basketball, Mobile Games, Reading, Listening to Music, Skateboarding
Hello!! Hello everyone~ Just call me Tiff! Everyone from different majors can come to me and make friends. This year is my third year at HA, and I hope to be able to participate in various activities together with you this year. If you as a new college student are looking forward to college life, come to the House Association! We are here to help you give full play to your strengths and think boldly. HA looks forward to your joining! We are waiting for you!

NAME: Jackson Wei Te HUANG 黃維特
POSITION: Arts & Culture Working Group Chair
FACULTY: Business Administration
MAJOR: Business intelligence & Data analytics
INTERESTS: Listening to Classical Music, Playing Guitar
Hello to all SHEACERs!!! This is my second year at SHEAC. You are more than welcome to join us!!! l am looking forward to holding interesting events, and meeting interesting people as well! I have faith in all of the potential members, and I am willing to live a fun but different life here with my group.
Here’s a little suggestion: I love to have fun so don’t leave me behind when you guys hang out!!!

NAME: WANG Lerui, Nadia 王樂睿
POSITION: Communication Working Group Chair
FACULTY: Business Administration
MAJOR: Finance
INTERESTS: Music, Dancing, Photography, Travelling
Hello guys! Welcome to SHEAC. I am a sophomore. Looking forward to seeing you and hope you can enjoy a wonderful university life at SHEAC!

NAME: LAI Xiangpeng, Paul 賴翔芃
POSITION: Sports & Health Working Group Chair
FACULTY: Science and Technology
MAJOR: Computer Science
INTERESTS: Sports, Games
Hello, everyone. You can call me Xiao Lai (you can only call me Laoliu when you are familiar with it to a certain extent). My specialty is that I don’t have any specialty. My hobbies are all my hobbies except learning. I don’t have any characteristics except that my hair falls off a little. Although it seems like a little social phobia at ordinary times, I also like to participate in such activities as going out to eat, drink, play and play games together. This is my second year in HA. Like everyone else, I have a lot to improve. I have also created a lot of benefits for students who want to come to Sports and Health (SH). I hope to see you in the HA family!

NAME: LI Yingting, Lina 李穎婷
POSITION: Social Activity Working Group Chair
FACULTY: Business Administration
MAJOR: Accounting
INTERESTS: Sports, Drink Coffee, Participate in Different Activities
Hello~ Welcome to SHEAC. You can call me when you have activities in the future. In the past year, SHEAC has made me gain and grow up a lot. I like this warm family very much. I hope to meet more friends this year, learn from each other, continue to work for HA, and hold more interesting activities for the students. If you have many ideas and want to hold different activities, join the Social Activity (SA)!!! Let’s do it together. Looking forward to your coming~

NAME: LU Junming, Bryant 陸俊銘
POSITION: Society & Community Service Working Group
FACULTY: Business Administration
MAJOR: Finance
INTERESTS: Watching Cartoons
Heyyyyyyyyyy guys! Welcome to the big family of SHEAC. Last year, I learned a lot in the Society & Community Service (CS) Working Group, and this year I am also honored to be the Chair of CS. This year, expecting to face a lot of challenges, I hope that I can continue to bring you happiness and a sense of belonging to the College, and make friends with you. If you have any ideas for activities, you can also join our HA family, and we will do the whole thing together! Finally, I hope you can have a wonderful and fulfilling life at UM.

NAME: Huang Xitong, Susanna 黃熙桐
POSITION: Officer of Internal Affairs
FACULTY: Arts & Humanities
MAJOR: Japanese Studies
INTERESTS: Sports, Petting Dogs
Hello everyone in SHEAC! Call me HeiTong as you like! I’m a sophomore. Last year, as a member of Internal Affairs (IA), I experienced very interesting and novel activities and made many friends with similar interests! If you also want to try to plan a favorite activity by yourself or with your team, improve your ability of overall planning, communication, and execution, Experience different college life… Join the SHEAC House Association and join us!

NAME: YANG Junyi, Jess 楊竣貽
POSITION: Officer of External Affairs
FACULTY: Social Sciences
MAJOR: Communication
INTERESTS: Urban Dance
Hi~ This is Jess. I am a sophomore. Last year, as a member of External Affairs (EA), I participated in different kinds of activities of SHEAC and Committee on Inter-College Activities (CICA), which were meaningful and interesting. This year, I am going to do my best and contribute to SHEAC. Wish you all the best and every success!

NAME: XU Junhao, Joe 許俊豪
POSITION: Officer of External Affairs
FACULTY: Social Sciences
MAJOR: Economics
INTERESTS: Singing, Watching Movies
Hello, everyone! I am Joe. You can also call me XiaJiaoHuang! Last year, I lived in the college as a member of the EA Working Group for a semester, and I felt a lot of love and care from the college, friends and fellow students. So this year, I also hope to be a member of the transmission of love! If you have any questions or ideas, you can tell me! Hope to get along well with you!