House Association & Working Groups

The HA is the leading agency headed by three core leaders: a President and two Vice Presidents, all of whom are elected by students through an annual election. Any current College members in residence can be nominated for these important leadership positions.

The HA is also comprised of seven Working Groups (WGs), i.e. Arts and Culture, Society and Community Service, Sports and Health, Communication, Social Activity, External Affairs, and Internal Affairs (respectively headed by nominated chairs). In addition to its Chair(s), each WG involves other College members. Students can volunteer or be invited to be permanent members of a Working Group. Various college teams and interest groups aiming to cater for students’ diverse interests are meanwhile managed by the HA.

The HA is responsible for coordinating events and activities for the whole College and their specialised areas, and represents SHEAC students’ voice. Advice may be sought from the College Master, Associate Master, Fellows, Resident Fellows and administrative staff where appropriate to help the HA and WGs plan and organise events and activities.

Floor Leaders: Resident Tutors & Resident Assistants

Resident Tutors (RTs) and Resident Assistants (RAs) are student leaders in the College who proactively guide and help our students in each floor, and ensure that the College offers a positive living and learning environment for all resident members. A strong, committed RT and RA team is extremely important to the welfare of SHEAC students and to the development of our residential college.

As floor leaders, the positions of Resident Tutors (RTs) and Resident Assistants (RAs) are to ensure that the College offers a positive living and learning environment for all resident members. They must be supportive of the aims of the College governing body and the management ethos of the community. Every RT and RA serves as a positive role model for all College members, provides resources and liaison within the College, and assists in administrative functions when needed. RTs and RAs must be committed to building the kind of environment in which their own self-development and the development of others can be realised across a spectrum of activities and experiences.