Resident Tutors are postgraduate students of good standing who are reading for a master’s or doctorate degree at UM. On the floor level, they work collaboratively with Resident Assistants to provide pastoral care to their fellow floor members. They also help enrich college life of their fellow students by organising a range of educational activities, and assist in the academic tutorial programmes in the College.

In this academic year 2022/23, there are a total of five Resident Tutors respectively taking care of different floors in SHEAC.

Name: Wang Yuyi, Ailee 王鈺儀
Position: 1/F Resident Tutor
Faculty: Law
Programme: Master of Law
Interests: Sleeping, Chitchatting, Dieting, Jogging
Hi! Welcome to SHEAC! I am Ailee, one of the resident tutors. I spent all my undergraduate time here. SHEAC is a cozy family in which we can make friends, accomplish academic work and have fun! No matter where you come from, who you are and how old you are, once you join us, please get along with us like friends! If you need any help, please feel free to contact me ^-^!

Name: Hao Yuqi, Nina 郝彧奇
Position: 2/F Resident Tutor
Faculty: Social Sciences
Programme: PhD in Psychology
Interests: Baking, Cheerleading, Coffee, Gym
Hi! Welcome to SHEAC! I am Nina, resident tutor of the 2/F. This is my seventh year at SHEAC. Living in college will be a precious experience in your life, and many exciting activities are waiting for you. Please feel free to contact me if you have anything that you would like to know. Hope you can enjoy your college life.

Name: Hu Lizao, Lily 胡鸝藻
Position: 3/F Resident Tutor
Faculty: Arts and Humanities
Programme: PhD in Literary Studies (English)
Interests: Travelling, Jogging, Chinese Dance, Yangqin
Nihao/Hello/Olá! No matter where you are from, welcome to SHEAC! I am Lily, Hu Lizao, resident tutor of the 3/F. I experienced my unforgettable undergraduate journey here. If you seek for help, I am always by your side. In the coming year, warm greetings and best wishes for happiness and good luck to all EACers. Let’s work hard and play hard together!

Name: Lei Meng Tou, Wave 李銘濤
Position: 4/F Resident Tutor
Faculty: Social Sciences
Programme: Master of Philosophy in Macao Studies
Interests: Coffee, Wine
Hello~ Welcome to SHEAC! We are family! I am Wave, the 4/F RT. This is my fifth year with this family, not only are we living here, but we can also share what each of us thinks and wants! If you are interested in any barista or beverage knowledge, feel free to ask me and I will be delighted to share my experience!

Name: Liang Lifeng, Lily 梁麗峰
Position: 5/F Resident Tutor
Faculty: Institute of Collaborative Innovation
Programme: Master of Science in Data Science (Data Strategy and Compliance)
Interests: Watching Movies, Doing Sports, Music
Hi! Welcome to SHEAC! I am Lily Liang, one of the resident tutors. I served as both RA and RT for the past four years, and this is my second year being an RT. Staying at college can give you many opportunities to make friends from different places and to learn new things through activities and workshops. In the coming year, I hope all of you can gain unforgettable memories. If you have any questions, please don’t be shy and feel free to contact me. Looking forward to seeing you.