Group photo of Stanley Ho East Asia College House Association

On 22nd and 23rd September, the House Association (HA) of Stanley Ho East Asia College (SHEAC) organised an orientation camp for their members in Zhuhai. Although it was postponed due to the Typhoon Mangkhut, students’ expectation towards it never ceased.

In the morning, participants gathered at Gongbei and arrived at the destination by taking a reserved coach. Upon arrival and settling down, they assembled at the meadow nearby. A series of contests were held for the various working groups to compete with each other. Teamwork and collaboration were needed in every game. Everyone in each working group was conscientious and united as one to fight for the championship. Although there would be winners and losers, friendships among the students have strengthened rather than shrunk.

Students played in teams to complete a series of challenges.

The most memorable activity must be the water battles. None of them was able to escape from being drenched by the water. At night, the participants played “Monopoly”, the winner of which became the champion of the whole series of competitions. Finally, it came to the last activity, i.e. feedback and sharing on the orientation camp. The House Association members expressed their feelings towards the Ocamp and what they learnt from it. At last, they celebrated the birthday of the HA President, creating a very warm-hearted atmosphere.

House Association members were discussing the strategies for the team challenge game.

The Ocamp provided a valuable opportunity for members of different working groups make friends with each other, and to deepen the rapport among those of the same working groups. Hence, the members were expected to collaborate more effectively on future activities.


Written by: SHEAC House Association Communication Working Group

Government and Public Administration, Year 1 Student, Leong Chi Cheng, Lily (English)

Chinese Education, Year 1 Student, Zhao Mei Cheng, Natalie (Chinese)


The HA Ocamp was organised smoothly under the bright and clear sky.


2018年9月22至23日(週末),何鴻燊東亞書院學生會於珠海舉行 2018-2019 屆書院學生會迎新營。雖然迎新營受颱風「山竹」影響延期,但院生會成員對它的期待絲毫沒有減少。


Water battles played among members





中文教育系一年級學生 趙美靜(中文)

政府與公共行政系一年級學生 梁芷晴(英文)