SHEAC students had fun with Yongping No.1 Primary School’s students. 何鴻燊東亞書院同學們與永平鎮一小學生打成一片。

Fourteen students from Stanley Ho East Asia College, led by Resident Fellow Dr. Kevin Huang, took part in an 11-day service-learning trip to Jinggu County, Yunnan between 20th and 30th May. The students have cultivated civic attitudes and strengthened team spirit through collaboration and delivery of community service.

The group successively went to a number of primary and high schools as well as a special school to conduct voluntary teaching. Through interesting games, they helped the children gain knowledge of various scopes and life skills. In addition, the SHEAC students shared their experiences with the local students. Many children excitedly chased the SHEAC students for their contact information and signatures after class. Gemini Chan (Faculty of Education, Year 1) said, “The trip has helped me confirm my determination to become an excellent teacher.”

Students from Yongping No.1 Primary School are striving for contact information and signatures of SHEAC students. 永平鎮一小學生向書院同學們索取聯繫方式及簽名。

During the trip, the team also went experienced farm work in the village. Students helped the peasants in the tobacco field. A famous ancient Chinese poem goes “Hoeing millet in mid-day heat, sweat dripping to the earth beneath.” Only when the students really experienced the farm work, could they understand how hard it would be and try to cherish and save food. Another student Chen Xiaoshi (Faculty of Business Administration, Year 1) expressed, “not until today do I really understand how hard it is to produce food. I was so tired after one hour of farm work. However, peasants often work eight hours a day under the burning sun.”

The delegation continued their journey with some cultural visits in Dali, Yunnan after leaving Jinggu County. There they saw Dali Ancient City with antique beauty, climbed Mount Cang, visited Erhai Lake and experienced the culture of the Bai ethnic group.

Meanwhile, SHEAC respectively donated a total of RMB 3,200 to Jinggu Special School, Xinmin Primary School and Qianmao Primary School. The money was raised through a charity bazaar held by the SHEAC House Association in April. In addition, Xinmin Primary School and Qianmao Primary School each received two computers donated by the University of Macau in order to assist the development of the schools and help add their teaching facilities.

By: Year 1 Electromechanical Engineering Student Zhao Yuxin (English) &
Year 1 General Business Studies Student Chen Xiaoshi (Chinese)


Group photo of students of SHEAC with students of Jinggu No.1 Primary School after class. 何鴻燊東亞書院學生與景谷一小學生




SHEAC students are working with peasants of Qianmao Village in the field. 書院同學們幫助鄉民鬆土除草。




 撰寫:工商管理系一年級學生 陳筱詩 (中文)及
科技學院機電工程系一年級學生 趙宇新(英文)