Students enthusiastically invited visitors to visit the College.

Visitors gained hands-on experience in making Malaysia three-layer milk tea.

The band performances created a lively ambience.

On 14th January, 2024, Stanley Ho East Asia College was open to the general public who came to the campus on the UM Open Day. More than 80 College ambassadors and assistants of SHEAC warmly welcomed nearly a thousand of visitors.

The College ambassadors led guests to visit various facilities in the College, such as the Refectory, multifunction rooms, music room, library, and the coffee room, while also introducing them about the diverse academic and cultural resources of the College. The assistants were much occupied with managing and operating an array of workshops and game booths, for example, Malaysian three-layer milk tea DIY, traditional fun games, and making of bookmarks and body scrub from coffee grounds. The live performances of the College band in the courtyard, meanwhile, filled the atmosphere with even more energy and liveliness! All these showcased the vibrant community of the College.

As part of the activities, charity tickets were sold to raise funds to help the less privileged children in Xiushui County of Jiangxi Province, which will be one of the destinations of the SHEAC summer service-learning programmes this year. Visitors who purchased a charity ticket could join the various games and DIY activities, as well as enjoy freshly brewed coffee or juice at the College on the day. Through this fund-raising effort, a total of MOP 4,941 were received.

Despite being overwhelmed by the sheer number of visitors, and being exhausted after the whole day of work, all ambassadors and assistants expressed strong fulfilment at the end of the day. SHEAC would like to express heartfelt gratitude to all the visitors and helpers who participated in and supported the event.






Assistants patiently guided the guests to make their own bookmarks.

College ambassadors provided a guided tour for high school students to help them understand more about UM’s Residential College system.

Group photo of College ambassadors and assistants after the end of the event