The House Association (HA) organises activities and gives students a major voice in the running of their College. Each member of the College is automatically part of the House Association. The HA is, therefore, along with the professional administration team of the College, extremely important in the establishment of a lively, varied and happy community which is rewarding for all student members.

The HA is the leading agency headed by three core leaders: a President and two Vice Presidents, all of whom are elected by students through an annual election. Any current College members in residence can be nominated for these important leadership positions.

The HA is also comprised of seven Working Groups (WGs), i.e. Arts and Culture, Society and Community Service, Sports and Health, Communication, Social Activity, External Affairs, and Internal Affairs (respectively headed by nominated chairs). In addition to its Chair(s), each WG involves other College members. Students can volunteer or be invited to be permanent members of a Working Group. Various college teams and interest groups aiming to cater for students’ diverse interests are meanwhile managed by the HA.

House Association (HA) President, Vice-Presidents, and Working Group Chairs:

NAME: LAI Xiang Peng, Paul 賴翔芃
POSITION: President
FACULTY: Science and Technology
MAJOR: Computer and Information Science
INTERESTS: Football, Sleeping, Electronic Games, Mahjong
Hello SHEACers! Welcome to SHEAC! I am Paul, and this is my third year at the college. In the upcoming academic year, I am looking forward to meeting interesting friends and organizing various activities. I hope that all the college students can find happiness in East Asia College and have a fulfilling university life.

NAME: HUANG Xitong, Susanna 黃熙桐
POSITION: Vice President
FACULTY: Arts & Humanities
MAJOR: Japanese Studies
INTERESTS: Sports, Petting Dogs, Food Culture
Hello everyone in SHEAC! You can call me HeiTong. This year marks my third year at HA. I have had the opportunity to participate in many interesting and novel activities, and I have made many friends who share similar interests. If you are interested in planning your favorite activity either by yourself or with your team, improving your overall planning, communication, and execution skills, and experiencing different aspects of college life, then join the SHEAC House Association and become a part of our community!

NAME: WU Ka Kit, Jack 鄔家傑
POSITION: Vice President
FACULTY: Science and Technology
MAJOR: Civil and Environmental Engineering
INTERESTS: Badminton, Photography, Traveling, Football, Basketball
Hello and welcome to SHEAC! I am in my fourth year at SHEAC and have found that there are countless opportunities to make friends and experience happiness here. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about your new life in EAC. Cheers!

NAME: XIANG Zhiqi, Kelsie 向知其
POSITION: Arts & Culture Working Group Chair
FACULTY: Social Sciences
MAJOR: Communication
INTERESTS: Music, Photography, Handcrafting, Drawing
Hello everyone! This is my second year at SHEAC. The college is a magical place where you can meet a lot of interesting people. I look forward to your participation in our future activities. Here’s hoping we can encounter new and exciting experiences in the upcoming semester and create some great memories together!

NAME: ZHANG Jun, Jared 張隽
POSITION: Communication Working Group Chair
FACULTY: Social Sciences
MAJOR: Economics
INTERESTS: Rowing, Swimming, Music
Hello, and welcome to SHEAC! I am Jared, a sophomore at the college. SHEAC is a warm family where we live, learn, and make progress together. It may take some time to get used to the environment when you first arrive at SHEAC, but don’t worry. By participating in more activities and making new friends, I am confident that you will come to enjoy being here.

NAME: WANG Tongtong, Iris王彤桐
POSITION: Sports & Health Working Group Chair
FACULTY: Business Administration
MAJOR: Business Administration
INTERESTS: Ball Games, Photography, Traveling, Music
Helloooooo! Let’s embark on an adventure together! My name is Iris, but you can call me Tongtong or Tietie. I am a sporty girl and love to play ball during my free time. Over the past year, I have had the pleasure of meeting many warm-hearted individuals at SHEAC. I welcome everyone to chat with me, and I hope our interactions are just as wonderful as my previous experiences. Make sure to create fond memories during your stay at SHEAC!

NAME: SHANG Yu Jung, Miko 尚育榕
POSITION: Social Activity Working Group Chair
FACULTY: Social Sciences
MAJOR: Psychology
INTERESTS: Music, City Walk, Mega-former (A form of exercise), Astrology
Hello everyone! My name is Miko, and it’s great to meet you all at SHEAC! I hope that you can find warmth and happiness here. This year, I will also be serving as the chair of Social Activity Working Group. I welcome you to join us and create unique memories together!

NAME: HO In Teng, Joyce 何彥婷
POSITION: Society & Community Service Working Group
FACULTY: Health Sciences
MAJOR: Pharmaceutical sciences and technology
INTERESTS: Baking, Cooking, Drawing (water painting, oil painting, acrylic), Rock Climbing, Chatting, Enjoying Tea with Friends, Interacting with Friends, Enjoying Me-time, Earning Money
Hi there! Welcome to SHEAC! My name is Joyce, and I am in my second year at SHEAC. Last year, as a member of CS, I had the opportunity to participate in many meaningful activities. CS promotes encouraging students to enjoy voluntary work. In the future, I would like to lead students to learn more about the society of Macau and participate in voluntary services, such as interacting with the elderly and experiencing meaningful workshops. If you are interested in our work, please join us! If you want to learn more about Macau, including shopping and dining, join us as well! I am looking forward to having you join our family.

NAME: YU Shu Tong, Matt 余曙彤
POSITION: Officer of Internal Affairs
FACULTY: Business Administration
MAJOR: Business Administration
INTERESTS: Badminton, Basketball, Listening to Music (especially hiphop, kpop)
Nice to meet you all! Welcome to SHEAC! My name is Matt, and I am in my second year at SHEAC. EAC is a place where you can experience the warmth of a big family. In college life, you can leverage your unique strengths and abilities, and also benefit from interpersonal interactions. I wish you the best of luck in meeting new friends and enriching your university life in the future. I am excited to meet all of you!

NAME: LAM Ka I, Kathy 林嘉怡
POSITION: Officer of External Affairs
FACULTY: Education
MAJOR: Primary Education
INTERESTS: Photography, Badminton, Challenge Myself
Hello everyone! It’s great to see you all at SHEAC! My name is Kathy, but you can also call me Ka-I; that’s perfectly fine with me! This is my second year at SHEAC. Last year, as a member of External Affairs (EA), I had the opportunity to participate in various activities organized by SHEAC, which allowed me to learn more and meet many other RC colleagues. SHEAC is like a warm family, where you can meet new people and participate in a variety of activities. If you have any questions, feel free to approach me. I am happy to answer your questions! Enjoy your university life and strive to do your best!

POSITION: Officer of External Affairs
FACULTY: Social Sciences
MAJOR: Government and Public Administration
INTERESTS: Dancing, Swimming , Photography
Hello everyone, and welcome to SHEAC! My name is Ada, and I am a sophomore. Last year, as a member of HA, I had the opportunity to experience many interesting things and participate in lots of meaningful activities. SHEAC is like a cozy family to me, and I hope to continue learning and working for HA. If you are interested in making new friends and improving your ability to organize activities and social skills, come and join us! I am looking forward to meeting you all in HA! 🤩