Organisers, performers and participants shared joy and love at the charity event.

HA helpers enthusiastically selling snacks at the bazaar.

The band “ASK” bringing energetic songs to the audience.

On the evening of 24th January, the House Association of Stanley Ho East Asia College organised the fifth annual Charity Show cum Bazaar in the outdoor foyer of the Residential College Island One on campus. The event attracted more than a hundred participants. It was aimed at raising funds for donation to local schools and organisations to help the communities and children in remote areas of Sichuan and Yunnan which have been the destinations of the annual summer service-learning programmes of the College.

The charity show began with the melodious performance with guitar by Zoe and singing by Jacklyn. It was followed by two energetic songs presented by the band “ASK” (April, KJ and Sally), putting the audience in high spirits. The show continued to bring amazing performances back-to-back, including the powerful martial arts performance by Leo Ng and his team, the delightful dance show collaborated by Ahri Gao, Gong Yuhan and Liu Ruilin, and solo singing respectively by Katie Chen and Tommy Chen. The show offered the audience a true feast of the senses, and repeated rounds of applause could be heard around the foyer of the Colleges.

In addition to the thrilling performances, booths were set up to sell different kinds of snacks and beverages, such as Serradura, sago in coconut milk, cotton candy, Oden (a Japanese one-pot dish), coffee, and fruit soda. Participants also bought postcard sets with views of the UM campus photographed by students, and joined the booth games and the Bingo draws.

A representative of the House Association expressed that, although they encountered some challenges during the planning and preparation process, the event turned out to run smoothly and attract a large number of participants not only from SHEAC but also from other Colleges. The charity event was successfully completed, offering love and encouragement to communities and children in remote areas of Sichuan and Yunnan.


Written by: SHEAC House Association Communication Working Group

Government and Public Administration, Year 1 student, Leong Chi Cheng, Lily (English)

Communication, Year 1 student, Wong Cheng I, Angie (Chinese)


何鴻燊東亞書院第五屆義賣義演活動  為暑期四川、雲南服務學習項目服務對象籌募善款

HA helpers getting ready for the charity event.

Glamourous group dance performance

Mighty martial arts






傳播系一年級學生 黃菁兒(中文)

政府與公共行政系一年級學生 梁芷晴(英文)