Ms. Daisy Ho, Chairman of SJM, speaking of the deep bond between Dr. Stanley Ho and the University of Macau.

Mr. Daniel Shim, guest of honour, shared about the challenges at work he encountered during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Student Leong Chi Fong, Dennis, performing “J.S. Bach Suite No. 1”.

The academic year of 2020/2021 marked the 10th anniversary of Stanley Ho East Asia College. At the launch of the celebration of this special occasion, Ms. Ho Chiu Fung, Daisy, Chairman of SJM Resorts, S.A. (“SJM”) and SJM Holdings Limited, and daughter of Dr. Stanley Ho, was invited by College Master Professor Iu Vai Pan to virtually join the high table dinner of the College on 9th December 2020. Mr. Shim Ming Yi, Daniel, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer of SJM, was also invited as the guest of honour to take part in the event.

In her videotaped speech, Ms. Daisy Ho told stories and examples of Dr. Stanley Ho’s lifelong dedication and contribution to the development of Macau’s society, economy and education, as well as his deep bond with the University of Macau. Ms. Ho highlighted the meanings of the College crest and motto, both of which are comprised of Dr. Stanley Ho’s value and spirit. Ms. Ho particularly explained, “The College motto 外圓內方 meaning ‘vigorous in deed, and gentle in manner’ reminds us of the warmth, humanity and dedication that Dr. Ho instilled in all of us. From society to society is the guiding spirit that Dr. Ho implanted in all of his enterprises, and it is also what he taught me since childhood: to live with a grateful heart.”

In the end of her speech, Ms. Ho expressed her commitment to continuing her father’s mission to serve the community with priority given to education and youth development. She would anticipate more fruitful exchanges and cooperation with the College and students. Ms. Ho offered students an inspirational quote from her father as food for thought, “Knowledge is a lifelong companion, the benefit of knowledge lasts for life, not only for oneself, but for the entire community.”

During the dinner, Mr. Daniel Shim followed to share his fascinating experiences in life and career, particularly illustrating challenges he encountered during the COVID-19 crisis in the first two quarters of the year. He offered insights on how to cope with unpredictable circumstances, and advised students not to take good days for granted.

The master of ceremonies of the evening was student Ms. Lei Chi Sin, Daisy. Two talented students Mr. Leong Chi Fong, and Ms. Dai Jialin, Jolin respectively performed “J.S. Bach Suite No. 1” on viola and “Mariage d’Amour” on piano.








College Master Professor Iu Vai Pan introduced Ms. Daisy Ho and Mr. Daniel Shim as special guests of the event in the beginning of the dinner.

Guest of honour Mr. Daniel Shim and College Master Professor Iu Vai Pan with the two talented young musicians, Dennis and Jolin, after the dinner.

Ms. Daisy Ho, as a representative of the donor of the College, joined the high table dinner with a virtual speech.