The University of Macau (UM) has fully implemented the Residential College (RC) system under its 4-in-1 education model since 2014. Undergraduate freshmen are required to reside in a RC for one academic year.

From the 2020/21 cohort, each RC will select among those applicants choosing it as a preference to take up no more than 10% of its freshmen quota, taking reference to the students’ potential contributions to the College life. Those not being selected or not submitting an application form by the deadline will be randomly assigned.

We, Stanley Ho East Asia College, look forward to seeing you as part of our warm family in the next academic year! Please feel free to check the information about our College on this website. For details about the Principals’ Recommended Admission, please visit the webpage of the Registry.


由 2020/21學年起,每所書院將從申請該書院的新生裡,考慮申請人對其書院生活的可能建樹後,選擇其新生配額百分之十以內的新生入住。落選或未有在限期前遞交表格的新生,則隨機分派到各書院。