Nutritionist Suki of HSEO sharing knowledge about nutrition.

Stanley Ho East Asia College organised a workshop on nutrition and weight management on 18th January 2018. Nutritionist Ms. Suki Wu of the Office of Health, Safety and Environmental Affairs (HSEO) of the University of Macau was invited to offer students some useful guidelines about how to eat well and manage weight, and explain the importance of each type of nutrient.

In today’s busy life, people tend to neglect healthy eating, and not to understand the quality of food. Using some examples, Suki explained the value of several key nutrients in our daily life. Carbohydrates are mainly to provide energy and regulate cell activity; protein is the basis of all life, different types of protein have different effects; fat is also a source of energy, and should be consumed with appropriate intake amount; water accounts for 70% of the human body, moderate amount of water is mainly to help metabolism. In short, Suki recommended students pay attention to the appropriate intake of nutrients per meal.

So, how to decide the right nutrients and energy at meal time? Suki suggested to use the “one two three” principle, i.e. “one” portion of meat, “two” portions of vegetable, and “three” portions of whole grains for each meal so as to obtain a balanced nutritious diet.

We can check out the nutrition value and calories of food through websites about nutrition, based on which you can determine what and how much you eat.
Finally, during weight management, Suki encouraged doing exercise and drinking enough water during exercise, and discouraged excessive dieting. A good diet is the vital key to healthy living.

Written By: Communication Working Group of SHEAC House Association
         Hou Chih San, Kevin, Year 1 History student (Chinese)
         Ng Chung Wang, Alan, Year 1 Business Administration student (English)




Students listening carefully to learn how to maintain good health.





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