A ghost sneaking around the corridor.

On Wednesday 31st October, 2018, Stanley Ho East Asia College House Association (HA) held an “Halloween Night” for students to enjoy a magical and thrilling evening in the College.

As time came closer to the Halloween, different types of festive decorations were placed around the College. The courtyard was one of the spotlights to feature the Halloween theme, small pumpkin lights on the lawn were light-hearted, while the simulated church was stunning. Many students queued up for the makeup booth to seek a nice Halloween makeup. The haunted house was the centre of the event. It was divided into two parts, both of which were exciting and frightening. The HA members successfully played the roles of ghosts and other terrifying characters hiding around the dark corners. Participants faced ever-increasing sensations of horror when they wandered through these horrifying pieces.

Participants getting excited after walking through the haunted house.

The “Halloween Night” brought students an unforgettable evening. From the layout of the venue to the design of the haunted house, everything showed the effort paid by the organiser who tried their best to let students experience the creepiest atmosphere of Halloween.


Written by: SHEAC House Association Communication Working Group

Primary Education, Year 2 Student, Wu Mei Iok, Miko (English)

Chinese Education, Year 1 Student, Zhao Mei Cheng, Natalie (Chinese)




The Church

HA members helping to set up and decorate the haunted house.





中文教育專業一年級學生 趙美靜(中文)

小學教育專業二年級學生 胡美玉(英文)