On Friday 5th September evening, Stanley Ho East Asia College House Association organized a fantastic Mid-Autumn Festival carnival for the first time since the College’s relocation to the new campus.


Students were excitedly guessing the answers of the riddles.

At around half past seven, many areas of the College appeared to be the same as usual but indeed in the College Refectory a crowd of students were very busy arranging the venue. A mysterious and challenging carnival was about to kick off.

At eight o’clock, the carnival officially began. At the Refectory, noises mixed with lively music, everyone was enjoying themselves. All the stalls were gradually being engulfed by the crowd. In particular, at the mooncake DIY booth, students were very eager to ask the helpers for advice on making mooncakes. Without serious effort, everyone succeeded in producing mooncakes with refined appearance by just using the molds to combine the black sesame and red bean into the crusts provided. Some people had the courage to taste their own mooncakes, while others left with their own works and were shaking their heads after getting the stamps.


Students not only made their own rabbits by kneading the paste of different colors, but also crafted their favorite cartoon characters!

At the other end of the venue stood another booth that also required a lot of handicraft skills. Not only this booth provided all the materials needed for kneading paste into bunny-shaped dolls, but the participants also made all different shapes of cartoon characters.

On the large wall of the Refectory, many different riddles were stuck to show the combination of the characters “SHEAC”, and had puzzled a lot of fellow students.

Outside the Refectory, in another more open but covered venue, despite no air conditioning, an endless stream of fellow students were playing other exciting games that tested their patience and responsiveness.

Of course, the lucky draw at the end of the carnival, especially the final draw by College Master Prof. Iu, made the climax of the whole event.

“Tonight, the moon rises from Stanley Ho East Asia College.”


Faculty of Law Year 1 Student Yang Jiahui (Chinese text)


 這個夜晚,月亮在何鴻燊東亞書院升起」─ 何鴻燊東亞書院中秋園遊夜



Fun times

Students were having a lot of fun together at the carnival.





Students were seriously competing at picking up the highest number of marbles within the specified time.





法學院一年級學生 楊嘉暉