Resident Tutors university postgraduates of good standing who are reading for a masters or doctorate degree at UM. Assisted by respective Resident Assistants, each of them takes care of one group of around 30 student residents. They organise activities for the floor and for the College as a whole, as well as assist in the operation of an academic support system within the College.

In this academic year 2019/20, there are a total of 5 Resident Tutors respectively taking care of the various floors of SHEAC.

Mr. Xie Wei 謝威

POSITION: 1/F Resident Tutor

FACULTY: Science & Technology

MAJOR: PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering

INTERESTS: Fishing, Cooking, Swimming, Badminton, Gym



Hi, my friends!  I am Xie Wei, resident tutor of the 1st  floors. Welcome to SHEAC, which is a comfortable family. I do hope you can enjoy your time in SHEAC. Do not hesitate to ask me for help if you have any concern in study or life, I will try my best to help you. Besides, I also encourage you all to meet more friends and help each other. Let’s move forward together.


Ms. Xu Ke, Coco 許可

POSITION: 2/F Resident Tutor

FACULTY: Arts & Humanities

MAJOR: Master of Arts in Portuguese Language and Intercultural Studies

INTERESTS: Guitar, Piano, Traveling, Cats, Foreign Languages


Hey guys! Welcome to SHEAC! This is Coco. I was an exchange student in UM during my previous undergraduate study, so this is actually my second year at SHEAC. To me, this College is like a big family where everybody feels the warmth and happiness. That’s why, I’m here to stay with you. May you have a wonderful experience and an unforgettable college life here at SHEAC. Boa sorte!


Ms. Zhang Lingzi, Jenny 張凌子

POSITION: 3/F Resident Tutor

FACULTY: Business Administration

MAJOR: PhD of Management in Organizational Behavior

INTERESTS: Swimming, Dancing, Writing Paper, Playing the Piano

Hi! Welcome to SHEAC! I am Jenny Zhang, the 3/F resident tutor. This is my first year at SHEAC. I major in management and also applied psychology. I really can’t read people’s minds, but I’m empathetic and very good at understanding each other. If you need help, no matter in life or study, please come to me. I am always here to listen. Hope we could have a very unforgettable college life together!


Ms. Wang Sheng Lu, Sharon 王聖璐

POSITION: 4/F Resident Tutor

FACULTY: Business Administration

MAJOR: Master of Science in Accounting

INTERESTS: Badminton, Singing, Percussion, Swimming

Hi, I am Sharon Wang, the resident tutor of 4/F. A warm welcome for all of you! I have lived in SHEAC for five years since my undergraduate study and I really love our college. It is a big and warm family for you to learn new things and make friends. If you need any help, please feel free to contact me. Hope you enjoy your life here, it is more than you can imagine.


Mr. Ricardo Hernany Dos Santos Brito

POSITION: 5/F Resident Tutor

FACULTY: Science & Technology

MAJOR: Electrical & Computer Engineering

INTERESTS: Sports, Artificial Intelligence, Travelling, Languages and Cultures, Working Out, Music, etc.

Hi everyone, welcome to SHEAC, I am Ricardo, one of the RTs. This is my first year at SHEAC. I have heard that the college has a fantastic environment which gives you an incredible sense of belonging. I am pretty sure that we are going to enjoy this journey and have a lot of fun every day. Let’s make this an unforgettable experience!