HA Executives, Officers and Working Group Chairs

Mr. Zhao Jiajun, Decaf 趙嘉俊

POSITION: President      

FACULTY: Science & Technology

MAJOR: Electromechanical Engineering

INTERESTS: Playing Badminton, Listening to Soft Music, an Extreme Cat Lover

Hello everyone, I am the President of HA this year. My name is Zhao Jiajun, and you can call me Decaf. I am a junior electromechanical engineering student. In the upcoming year, I hope that I can recognise different people and wish you guys enjoying the coming years in SHEAC. Looking forward to your arrival of the new year!


Ms. Chen Jialing 陳家鈴

POSITION: Vice President

FACULTY:  Social Sciences

MAJOR: Communication

INTERESTS: Badminton, Cooking, Traveling


Hello, welcome to SHEAC! Glad to see you all in this new academic year. I am Chialing, one of the House Association leaders. I am an enthusiastic and conscientious girl. And this is my fourth year at SHEAC, it is a cozy family where we not only live but also learn together. Hope you will enjoy your college life in the next four years. In addition, please contact me if you have a heart to become an HA member.


Ms. Hu Lizao, Lily 胡鸝藻

POSITION: Vice President

FACULTY: Arts & Humanities

MAJOR: English Studies

INTERESTS: Jogging, Reading, Playing Yangqin, Playing Piano, Cooking


So glad to meet you all! Welcome to our big and warm family! I am Lily, one of the vice presidents this year. I’ve spent an extremely wonderful two-year university life at SHEAC. I hope you guys can find great fun here! Wherever, SHEAC will be the best place for you to make friends and improve yourselves because we are united and enthusiastic to stretch out our hands when you are facing any difficulties. Just keep smiling and keep moving~! I believe you can enjoy your university life and achieve your glorious dreams in UM! See you around~


Mr. Zhuang Zhongbao, Sylvan 莊仲葆

POSITION: Culture & Service Working Group Chair    

FACULTY: Business Administration

MAJOR: General Business Studies

INTERESTS: Chatting, Cooking, Eating, Travelling

Hi everyone, very glad to meet you at SHEAC! I’m Sylvan and in this year I will be in charge of Culture and Service Working Group. Trust me, our college will be a cosy family for you. If you have any problems or issues, or you just want to make friends, don’t be shy to contact us! There are many enthusiastic student leaders who are willing to offer you help. I’m sure you will get a lot which you cannot learn from books during our college activities! Finally, wish you a wonderful, amazing college life!


Ms. Hou Yanwen, Zoe 侯彥雯

POSITION: Communication Working Group Chair

FACULTY: Social Sciences

MAJOR: Communication

INTERESTS: Swimming, Vlogging, Photography

Hi, I am Zoe. Majoring in Communication, I am a dilettante vlogger. As the chairperson of the Communication Working Group, I am so glad to see you at SHEAC. In this energetic and creative family, we are mainly in charge of the subscription called “EAC小助手” in WeChat and the event news about the College on the official website of SHEAC. In the upcoming academic year, we are going to work on a monthly publication of SHEAC. Moreover, as the Most Valuable Athlete in UM Swimming Team in the last academic year, I am an expert in swimming. If you are also interested in swimming, I would like to share my story with you. What I usually do, playing the guitar, photographing, and working out could be the common topics to share with you at SHEAC. I am happy to be of help when you turn to me.


Ms. Loi Cheok In, Stella 呂卓妍

POSITION: Social Activity Working Group Chair

FACULTY: Business Administration

MAJOR: Accounting

INTERESTS: Archery, Watching Movies, Travelling, and Planning

Hello everyone! Glad to see you in our SHEAC family! I’m Stella, chairperson of the Social Activity (SA) Working Group. This is the second year that I stay in SHEAC. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. SA aims to plan different kinds of activities and tries to make SHEACers feel like home. Welcome to join us and take part in our activities!


Ms. Cai Yujia, Gloria 蔡雨珈

POSITION: Sports & Health Working Group Chair

FACULTY: Social Sciences

MAJOR: Communication

INTERESTS: Anything but Singing  


Hello, I am Cai Yu Jia, Gloria. I’m a sophomore in the Faculty of Social Sciences, and my major is communication. Now, I am SHEAC Sports & Health Working Group Chair. We aim to help and encourage college students to exercise more and lead a healthy life.


Ms. Ma Man Cheng, Winnie 馬雯靜 

POSITION: Officer of External Affairs (Committee on Inter-College Activities)

FACULTY:  Education

MAJOR: Pre-primary Education

INTERESTS: Eating, Swimming, Dancing, Singing, Sleeping


Hello, everyone! My name is Winnie. I am one of the officers of our College’s external affairs. I would like to make friends with you guys. Nice to meet you!


Ms. Hao Yuqi, Nina 郝彧奇

POSITION: Officer of External Affairs (Teams and Clubs)

FACULTY: Social Sciences

MAJOR: Psychology

INTERESTS: Badminton, Baking, Traveling 


Hello, Welcome to SHEAC. I am Nina, one of the officers of the External Affairs Working Group. This is my third year in SHEAC. Living in college will be a precious experience in your life, and many interesting activities are waiting for you. I am glad to create a wonderful place with you here. Hope you can feel free to contact me if you have any creative ideas, so we can make SHEAC a better place together. Come and join us!


Ms. Yang Ye, Emma 楊曄

POSITION: Officer of Internal Affairs

FACULTY: Business Administration

MAJOR: Accounting

INTERESTS: Sleeping, Gym, Photography, Watching Dramas, Eating

Hi, everyone! I am Emma. I am a year-two student, majoring in accounting. I love sleeping, watching dramas, doing gym, photography, and tasting delicious food. I look forward to meeting you guys in the new academic year.