HA Executives and Working Group Chairs, 2015/16

Ms. Liu Yingxuan, Layla 劉瀅萱


POSITION: President

FACULTY: Faculty of Social Sciences

MAJOR: Psychology

INTERESTS: Painting, Jogging, Traveling


 HA Layla Liu
Nice to meet you in SHEAC! I’m Layla Liu, President of the House Association. SHEAC is a warm place for me to call home. And you are my family and friends. We accompany each other, learn and grow up together. I’d like to take my work seriously, creating a variety of opportunities for you to enjoy a different university life. If you join with enthusiasm, we will be able to create and keep a long-lasting cherishable memory here. Don’t hesitate when you want to make a change to your static and boring life. Let’s do it!


Ms. Tam Si Teng, Sophie 譚斯婷


POSITION: Vice President

FACULTY: Faculty of Social Sciences

MAJOR: Communication and New Media

INTERESTS: Photography, Learning Languages, Singing and Playing Piano


 HA Sophie Tam
Hello all! Welcome to our warm SHEAC (^_^)! I am Sophie, one of the House Association Executives. I have had a great time during my first year living in SHEAC. I believe you will find great fun here. I hope the new friends you make here will become your close ones, and gain a lot of experience and memory in SHEAC. Don’t be shy to join in our big family! In short, work hard and play hard! (>_<) 


Mr. Leong Ngai In, Andrew 梁毅賢


POSITION: Vice President

FACULTY: Faculty of Law




 HA Andrew Leong
Hi, I am Andrew. I would like to rather meet you in person than talking about myself too much here. Please come to me the handsome boy and talk to me in the College! I am honest, beautiful and responsible. I have a strong body and mind to make things done and solve different kinds of problems. Don’t be shy! In SHEAC, we can bring a lot of happiness to your college life.


Ms. Li Wenjia, Janet 李文嘉


POSITION: Arts & Culture Working Group Chair

FACULTY: Faculty of Education

MAJOR: English Education

INTERESTS: Violin, Traveling, Ukulele, Reading



 HA Janet Li
Hi! Congratulations on becoming a member of SHEAC! I’m Janet, a sophomore responsible for managing activities related to arts and culture in SHEAC. Whenever and wherever, SHEAC will always be ready to help you develop yourselves if you need! Come and join us, I’m sure SHEAC will delight your university life! Your active participation will also be the ultimate motivation to improve our College! 


Ms. Lai, Yu-ju, Vicky 賴鈺儒


POSITION: Communication Working Group Chair

FACULTY: Faculty of Business Administration

MAJOR: Business Administration

INTERESTS: Playing Music, Reading, Watching Movies


 HA Vicky Lai 2
Hello everyone! Welcome to SHEAC! I am Vicky, one of the HA Working Group Chairs. I am from Taiwan. I am very glad to be a member of SHEAC, and look forward to seeing you in the new semester. I like to make friends and have fun with everyone. Therefore, in the new semester, we will hold many interesting activities and looking forward to your coming!


Ms. Wei Zeyu, Ted 魏澤禹


POSITION: Social Activity Working Group Chair

Faculty: Faculty of Social Science

Major: Government and Public Administration

Interests: Traveling, Listening to Music, Hanging Out


 HA Ted Wei
Hey, buddies! Welcome to SHEAC! I’m Ted, the Chair of the HA Social Activity Working Group. You can also call me Teddy if you want, I don’t mind. This is my second year in SHEAC, and I’ve had a great time here. I like traveling and experiencing different cultures. Also, I like hanging out with my friends, so if you want to go out, you can call me! Anyway, it’s great to see you here, and I hope you’ll enjoy your life in SHEAC! Cheers! 


Ms. Fu Qiu Ming, Irina 傅秋明


POSITION: Society & Community Service Working Group Chair

FACULTY: Faculty of Social Sciences

MAJOR: Economics

INTERESTS: Guitar, Squash, Volunteer Work, Game Theory, CubicFun, Movies, Travelling, Reading


 HA Fu Qiu Ming
Dear SHEACers, I am Irina Fu, Chair of the Society & Community Service Working Group. This is my second year here. I was an introverted person with endless thoughts. But now I have become an enthusiastic person with many interesting friends, which may be because of the magic power of the SHEAC House Association. Besides organizing meaningful activities together and learning how to serve, we also explore UM and Macau, learn many new things, even find delicious food or cook together~ I really hope to share great, bad, moving or silly moments with you in the come year!! 


Mr. Chan Ngai Hang, Kevin 陳毅恆


NAME: Chan Ngai Hang , Kevin

POSITION: Sports & Health Working Group Chair

FACULTY: Faculty of Science & technology

MAJOR: Electromechanical Engineering

INTERESTS: Playing Basketball, Jogging, Swimming


 HA Kevin Chan
Hello! Welcome to SHEAC. I am Sports & Health Working Group Chair, Kevin. I am interested in playing basketball. SHEAC has given me many opportunities to make friends in UM. My experience in the College has been very wonderful. Hope you’ll enjoy too, and have fun in the following year!