Fellows are academic staff with full-time teaching and research duties at their respective faculties. They are affiliated to but may not live in the College. SHEAC students have opportunities to meet and have close interaction with them in college events and activities, such as High Table Dinner, Master’s Tea, Master’s Dinner, seminars and workshops, as well as off-campus trips.


Faculty of Arts and Humanities (FAH)

Prof. Glenn Timmermans

Associate Professor

Research areas: history in European and China, Macao, Jewish history, the Holocaust, genocide and human rights


Personal interests: drama and theatre, music (classical and opera), art, literature (British and European), animals (dogs and horses)

Prof. Mario Wenning

Associate Professor

Research areas: social and political philosophy, intercultural philosophy, aesthetics



Personal interests: film, music, walking, biking, swimming, juggling


Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

Prof. Lai Neng, Rose
Professor of Finance
Associate Dean (Research & Development)Research areas: option pricing models; risk management; real estate finance and economics; behavioral financePersonal interests: painting, reading, playing tennis, cooking
 Prof. Joseph Sy-Changco
Assistant Professor of MarketingResearch areas: export marketing; organizational learning; consumer behavior
Prof. Zhang Yang, Brenda
Associate Professor in Business EconomicsResearch areas: economic dynamics; applied econometrics; Chinese economyPersonal interests: swimming, traveling


Faculty of Education (FED)

Prof. Wang Ping Cheng, Dennis
Associate Professor in Music/Music Education
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, FED Honors College Program CoordinatorResearch areas: music education; music assessmentPersonal interests: reading, listening to music
Prof. Walter King Yan HO
Assistant Professor in Sport and Physical EducationResearch areas: Quality Physical Education, Health Development in Children, School Leisure Activities and Interpersonal DevelopmentPersonal interests: Reading, Watching Movie, Cooking, Fencing, Hiking and Bicycling



Faculty of Science and Technology (FST)

Prof. Ip Weng Fai, Andy
Assistant Professor
Research areas: Application of chemistry in the environmentPersonal interests: Hiking, Traveling, Wildlife watching
Prof. Kou Kun Pang
Associate Professor
Head of Department of Civil and Environmental EngineeringResearch areas: fracture mechanics; computational mechanics; structural integrity assessment; transportation engineeringPersonal interests: singing, Chinese history
Prof. Kou Kit Ian, Anna
Associate ProfessorResearch areas: Fourier and linear canonical analysis; Quaternion and Clifford analysis ; complex analysis;  Shannon sampling theorems; time frequency analysis; signal and color image analysisPersonal interests: DIY products, traveling, music, aerobic
Prof. Lam Chi Chiu, Angus
Associate Professor Academic Advisor of International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience (IAESTE)Research areas: Civil Structures EngineeringPersonal interests: music, photography, traveling, sports
Mr. Miguel Comes Da Costa junior
Senior InstructorResearch areas: data mining; web mining; information retrieval; information systems; information visualization; knowledge managementPersonal interests: sports, especially volleyball and soccer, music, traveling, cooking and eating, chatting to people with good sense of humor
Mr. Wan Iat Meng, Walter
Senior InstructorResearch areas: urban travel demand analysis; public transport system; parking demand study; engineering approach for heritage conservationPersonal interests: biking, rocks and minerals collection, traveling, eco-hiking


Faculty of Social Sciences (FSS)

Prof. Lam Iok Fong, Agnes
Associate Professor of Communication; Director of Center for Macau StudiesResearch areas: history of press; media and society; media policy; Macau oral history; Macau literaturePersonal interests: reading, writing, drinking coffee, listening to music, biking, chatting


Institute of Chinese Medical Sciences (ICMS)

Prof. Simon Ming-Yuen Lee 
ProfessorResearch areas: biochemistry of cancer, cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases; molecular pharmacology of Chinese medicine; systems biology: genome, transcriptome, proteome and protein interaction network
Prof. Pui Man Hoi, Maggie
Associate ProfessorResearch areas: cardiovascular pharmacology; metabolic diseases; drug discovery and screening of Chinese medicinePersonal interests: traveling, painting, architecture