College Master Prof Iu

Professor Iu Vai Pan is a specialist in structural mechanics. He is also Professor in Civil Engineering in the Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) at UM.

Professor Iu joined UM in 1988 and founded the Civil Engineering Program. At UM, he successively served as Associate Dean of FST, Dean of FST, and Rector of UM. In 2008, he received the Medal of Excellent Service with Public Service from the Macao SAR Government. He is the first scholar from Macao to have been appointed Fellow of the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Professor Iu has many years of rich administrative experience in academic settings. He has a deep passion for teaching and research, with particular emphasis on undergraduate education. In his opinion, the residential college system is an important part of a university’s development, for such a system can create a community to enable students of different programs and years of study to live together and interact with one another through various activities, thereby achieving the goal of developing outstanding graduates with cross-cultural and global perspectives, a sense of social responsibility, good communication skills, and a strong team spirit.