Faculty of Arts and Humanities (FAH)
Prof. Ronald Fong
Assistant Professor
English Linguistics
 Prof. Hari Venkatesan
Associate Professor
Translation Studies
Ms. Ao Sio Heng, Sonia
Senior Instructor
Linguistics and Translation


Personal interests: DIY projects, decorating, crafting, cooking


Ms. Gao Lili

Senior Instructor
Translation Portuguese/Chinese


Personal interests: reading, TV, music

 Ms. Joan Leong
Senior Instructor
Applied Linguistics and English Language Teaching


Personal interests: reading, cooking, music, traveling


Faculty of Business Administration (FBA)

Prof. Davis Fong Ka Chio
Hospitality and Gaming Management
Prof. Desmond Lam Chee Shiong
Professor Gambling Psychology, Hospitality Services Marketing, Word-of-mouth Communication and Cross-cultural Management Issues


Personal interests: traveling, playing all kinds of sports, particularly badminton, table tennis and golf

Prof. Matthew Liu Ting-Chi
Consumer Behavior, Brand Strategy, Political Marketing, Gaming/Casino Study


Personal interests: reading, watching movies, traveling

Prof. Ricardo Siu Chi Sen
Associate Professor
Institutional Economics, Gaming and Tourism, Macao Economy, China’s Financial Markets


Personal interests: family life, swimming, gym exercise

Prof. Lawrence Hoc Nang Fong
Assistant Professor
Superstition in Gambling; Social Media in Tourism


Personal interests: biking, cooking

 Ms. Yuko Moody Matsumoto
Senior Instructor


Faculty of Education (FED)

Prof. Jiang Chunlian
Assistant Professor
Mathematics Education
Prof. Oon Pey Tee, Emily
Assistant Professor
Science Education Physics
Prof. Zhou Yisu
Associate Professor
Educational Finance, Teacher Education, Economics of Education, and Social Stratification and Mobility


Personal interests: movies

Dr. Cathy Hoi

Macau Fellow

Behavioral Regulation, Achievement Goals, and Motivation in Teaching and Learning,  Educational Technology in Teaching and Learning, Applied Social Psychology in Education, Research Methods in Education and Psychology


Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS)

Prof. Chen Guokai 
Associate Professor
Stem Cell Biology, Biotechnology, Metabolism


Personal interests: fishing, travel, farming

Prof. Poon Chuen Wai
Associate Professor
Health Sciences
Prof. Zheng Wenhua 
Dr. Kaeling Tan 
Assistant Professor
Molecular Biology, Genomics and Cell Biology in Fungal infection


Personal interests: cooking and baking, painting, arts and crafts, hiking and biking


Faculty of Law (FLL)

Prof. Fan Jianhong
Full Professor
International Business Law, Economic Private Law (Wirtschaftsprivatrecht), Comparative Civil Law


Faculty of Science and Technology (FST)

Prof. Wong Pak Kin


Associate Dean (Academic Affairs), FST

Electromechanical Engineering


Personal interests: motorsports, swimming

Prof. Lo Kin Ho
Associate Professor
Mechanical/Magnetic behaviour and testing of metals; Laser materials processing; Engineering failure analysis; Cavitation erosion and corrosion of metals


Personal interests: reading, jogging

Prof. Vong Chi Man

Associate Professor

Computer and Information Science

Research areas: artificial intelligence; machine learning


Personal interests: traveling; driving; ACG

Prof. Lao Seng Kin, Skelton
Assistant Professor
Chaos theory, fractional calculus, nonlinear dynamics, bifurcation analysis, control theory, computational fluid dynamics, fire safety engineering


Personal interests: programming, paper plane design, music by Nobuo Uematsu and Jascha Heifetz

Prof. Thomas Lok Man Hoi
Assistant Professor
Computational geomechanics and constitutive modeling, consolidation and shear behavior of marine clay, geotechnical seismic analysis


Personal interests: table tennis, tennis, photography, traveling

Prof. Liu Zhi
Associate Professor
Mathematics (Statistics)


Personal interests: table tennis, basketball, billiards, magic cube, mathematics

Prof. Derek Wong Fai
Associate Professor
Natural Language Processing; Computation Linguistics, Machine Translation; Machine Learning for Natural Language Processing


Personal interests: photography, photo editing, traveling

Prof. Yan Zhu

Assistant Professor

Integrated Circuit Design

Research areas: low-power and wideband Nyquist A/D converters, ADC’s interface, digitally assisted data converter designs

Prof. Peter Zhang

Assistant Professor

Research areas: Environmental water chemistry; Fate and transport of pollutants in sediments and ground water; Mineral scale deposition and control for oilfield and industrial systems


Personal interest: traveling and swimming

Prof. Guo-kang Er

Associate Professor

Research areas: vibration and random vibration of structures, and computational mechanics


Personal interests: basketball, vegetable planting and computer programming.

Institute of Applied Physics and Materials Engineering (IAPME)

Prof. Chen Shi

Assistant Professor

Research areas: Surface physics, materials interface and reactions. Device mechanism


Personal interests: Swimming, badminton and running


Faculty of Social Sciences (FSS)

Dr. Angela Chang
Assistant Professor
Audience Studies, Eye-tracking, Cross Cultural Consumer Studies, Health Promotion and Communication


Personal interests: playing ping-pong, tennis, and swimming and won several medals by participating the competition held by Macau Sports Development Board and Public Administration and Civil Service Bureau annually

Dr. Alex H. Choi
Assistant Professor
Politics and Political Economy
 Ms. Cheang Ka Ian, Justina
Senior Instructor
Research areas: intercultural communication, communication effects, cultural studies
Prof. Shih-Diing Liu
Research areas: popular politics; performativity; China’s neoliberal transformation
Prof. Zheng Mingli
Associate Professor

 Prof. Todd Jackson


Clinical Psychology, Neuroscience, and Health Psychology

Prof. Gary Wong

Associate Professor

Research areas: Applied Demand Analysis; Productivity Analysis; Dynamic Consumption Models


Personal interest: Traveling; Chinese Zheng Instrument